Logic Gates and CPU Architecture

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Rooming & Equipment
Non-computer room.
Students will experiment with some simple transistor based kits:
– AND Gates
– OR Gates
– NOT Gates
– Half Adders
– 4 bit adders (can be daisy-chained together)

Other forms of data representation are shown using RGB LEDs or 8 bit LCD text displays

A set of tablets computers will be provided by Computerteacher to consolidate the theory.

Logic Gates & CPU Architecture

including Binary Adders + Addition

This 2 hour workshop begins with a look at the building blocks of computer technology. A close up examination of valves, transistors and microprocessors sets the context for a look at the electronics behind our modern computer technology.

Students investigate a selection of transistor based circuits which include AND, OR & NOT gates. They discover the theory behind using logic gates to achieve simple computation such as binary arithmetic.

The workshop features the use of logic gates used to add two binary numbers together.

Logic simulator apps are then used to consolidate the theory.

Logic Gates

Why data is represented in computer systems in binary form
simple logic diagrams using the operations AND, OR and NOT
truth tables
combining Boolean operators using AND, OR and NOT to two levels
applying logical operators in appropriate truth tables to solve problems

Binary Addition

how to convert positive denary whole numbers (0–255) into 8 bit binary numbers and vice versa
how to add two 8 bit binary integers and explain overflow errors which may occur

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