Computer Science Workshops

GCSE Computer Science Workshops

Systems Architecture & Hardware

This is a great introduction to Computer hardware in a session where students interact with a large collection of Video Games Consoles and retro computers. Students discover how CPU types & speeds, various storage devices & memory have an affect on the games that can be run. They finish the workshop with an activity building a simple computer from electrical components (80’s style with 8-bit microprocessors) Find out more

Systems Software & Low Level Programming languages

Students learn a huge amount by studying the origins of Microsoft & Apple. Write machine code programs using front panel toggle switches or hex codes. See the evolution of operating systems through DOS, Windows, MAC OS & Linux. Find out more

Logic Gates & CPU Architecture

Starting with some simple transistor based electronics, students gain a practical understanding of AND, OR and NOT logic gates. This moves on to demonstrate how CPUs are made using transistors wired together as logic gates. (Includes binary addition) Find out more

Network Engineer

Students learn how to cable a network using Cat5 cable & RJ45 Plugs. Once their cables are crimped and tested they build a star network & then explore the world of network addressing using the provided Linux Laptops . Find Out More

Cyber Security

In this workshop you will learn to attack a special ‘Computerteacher’ server to see what common hacking methods are used and how to protect against such attacks. Find out more about the Cyber Security Workshop

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